Friday 7th April: Ross!!

It still feels a bit funny hitching at midday on Fridays. A few people put their thumbs up or waved, but generally people seemed a bit in their own worlds (which is what I noticed before when hitching earlier in the afternoon).

Anyway, I got a ride within a couple of minutes from a carpenter. Great – as I love talking building/carpentry 😂 Ross is just filling up an old fireplace (I think? My mind is a bit of a boggle this side of the week…) for someone in Cowes, and had to pick up some old bricks in Ryde as it’s an older house. I love this kind of story – it sounds so simple, but it’s great to hear that old bricks are still very important for being used in old houses, to keep with the character of the house.

Carpentry Ross with old bricks in the back 🙂

Ross has never hitched before. I told him I hitch home every day, but I understand the possible risks of hitching, and have in the past rejected lifts on a number of occasions because of getting a funny vibe from whoever stopped. There was one time, hitching with my friend Judi back towards Bath from north Devon, when we had two offers on the outskirts of Taunton both from people that we had weird vibes about. Obviously we kindly rejected their offers, said that we were actually looking for a lift going further or something, and a little later we got a lift from an awesome guy who was going to a 5 rhythms dance in Glastonbury (which was the first time I heard of 5 rhythms, and now I’ve been to plenty of dances and feel that I base my life around 5 rhythms in the long-run…).

Anyway, Ross was happy to hear about my hitching successes on the island (and the fact that I’ve never rejected a lift here and have only met really nice and interesting people I think says a lot about the general vibes of the island!).

And we talked about the wonderful sunshine! I work in a very nice factory every day, with a great vibe and everything and windows open, music on all day, but it’s still indoors, and is ridiculously physically inactive. It’s wonderful to finish early on a Friday and be out in the warmer sunshine, but I see my future as working outside and connecting more and more with nature. Ross spends about half his time outdoors with his work, and I get about 45 minutes a day of possible time outside (during my breaks). I’ve thought about it a fair bit the last few days, I had the thought come to my mind the other day (that had been at the back of my mind for years and years) of living in a yurt/teepee with a stream curving around where I live, and growing food biodynamically/tuning in more and more with the elements. But I have to get this bloody driving license sorted before I make any baby steps out into the open (I promised myself a full driving license before I make any big decisions future-wise).

So you can expect to see a lot more of my hitching home for the months to come!


Thursday 6th April: Bruce and Smiles

Today was another gorgeous day. Every day is great sunshine right now, and warm, mid-spring-like.

Lucy coming round for a potential walk and meal, she excited to hitch. We singing songs, and waving at the many cars waving at us.

The bus doesn’t turn up – I think because of a road closure in Newport, it would’ve affected the buses getting to Ryde. It takes us a while to get a lift, but as the bus was a no-show it’s still obviously much faster this way.

And Bruce stops, in his van. He’s awesome and pretty much a depiction of the day rolled up into human form. He’s smiley and incredibly upbeat. A builder on a traditional 15th century cottage somewhere.

Bruce and us 🙂

So we part ways and marvel over how nice all things are in this moment.

Monday 3rd April: new month, new world

So today was a glorious mid-spring day. The sun shone high, and emanated it’s warmth onto all around.

People smiled and waved a-plenty.

Lucy invited me to Shanklin for dinner, and we initially discussed drawing up a new sign for Shanklin but decided instead to just stick our thumbs out with trust in the universe. We agreed to take a lift to anywhere. But Lucy specifically wanted a lift to Ventnor.

I didn’t expect to beat the bus. The quickest we’ve had a lift together before has been in about 10 minutes, with our wait going over 20 minutes in one windy occasion. There were a lot of our colleagues at the bus stop today watching us, and I did hope for a little more luck.

And suddenly…….Lauren stopped!!

A lovely youth worker going off to Ventnor! What a lovely coincidence! Lucy and I then had to decide if we really wanted to go to Ventnor, which ended up as a no because we were both pretty knackered..

Lauren, Lucy and I

Lauren used to be an art teacher, and still now pursues this with a passion. She loves doing art and crafty things with the youth groups. And when she dropped us off she gave us her card, linking to her website .

Lucy and Lauren know a lot of the same people, all good people working towards doing good things on the island/in the world.

Yaaaaay for hitchhiking bringing the world together!!!!!