Wednesday 12th April: My Cycle Home

I have news that could affect in some way the future running of this blog (though I’m sure not too seriously… I’ll explain).

Today, in my morning tea break, I saw an advertisement for a 21-speed bicycle going for £30. £30 is a decent price for any bike, no matter how good, so I got introduced to the guy selling it, and he told me about the bike.

He seemed pretty sound. He told me the bike is in great nick, and is a Dawes touring bike. He said it comes with a pannier rack fit to hold loads of bags from all angles. An hour later he came up to me with the key for the bike and told me to take it for a spin at lunchtime.

I was really excited. Just the other day I got my old bike, an early ’70s Raleigh, on the road again after feeling sure in my mind that it had a bent wheel and it turned out it didn’t. But the gears are out of action, as are the back brakes, both needing new cables, and so it’s not yet rideable. Also, it’s more a leisure bike that anything, and I couldn’t imagine myself doing any kind of distance on it (including even the work commute).

But this bike is fantastic. I cycled it to tescos, whizzed along at nicely high speed. I got the money out, had lunch, and whizzed back to work. Happy to give the £30, for me this bike is totally worth it, and could well be the secret to me getting fit again.

I stopped cycling in spring 2012, when my hips wouldn’t have it anymore. I was later diagnosed with osteoarthritis in both hips and especially the right hip, and underwent several years of different alternative therapies, and dietary changes, and working the miracle of going barefoot. My hips are massively better now, but should I get any sign of them going bad again on a bicycle I shall stop right away.

My cycle home today was awesome. There were bits where I went really fast, not quite as fast as the traffic at 50mph but fast nevertheless. And there were bits where I slowed going up the slopes. I was feeling the exertion on my chest, and arriving home was quite heavily breathing. It was my first exertion of that intensity in a long long time.

And here’s the bike:

She's a beaut.....

This doesn’t mean I’m going to stop hitching though. I don’t want to. So I reckon I might be alternately hitching one day and cycling the next. Tomorrow will be a hitch. Then I’m off to Suffolk to see family all next week. And I’ll see what feels right regarding cycling or not in the mornings I guess….. 😂