Thursday 6th April: Bruce and Smiles

Today was another gorgeous day. Every day is great sunshine right now, and warm, mid-spring-like.

Lucy coming round for a potential walk and meal, she excited to hitch. We singing songs, and waving at the many cars waving at us.

The bus doesn’t turn up – I think because of a road closure in Newport, it would’ve affected the buses getting to Ryde. It takes us a while to get a lift, but as the bus was a no-show it’s still obviously much faster this way.

And Bruce stops, in his van. He’s awesome and pretty much a depiction of the day rolled up into human form. He’s smiley and incredibly upbeat. A builder on a traditional 15th century cottage somewhere.

Bruce and us 🙂

So we part ways and marvel over how nice all things are in this moment.


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