Tuesday 4th April: more and more new people :)

I could’ve had a lift before I’d even got to my spot today. A young lady with her kids in the back offered me a lift, even though she was going back into Ryde – I knew her from, I think, the fracking walk a few weeks back. I kind of regret not taking up her offer, even though it would’ve taken her completely out of her way, because she obviously wanted to just reconnect/chat about things, and wouldn’t have minded taking me to Brading.

Anyway, it was back to Hans Solo today as the clouds were out again meaning Lucy would get the bus home instead of hitching. I expected still a lift very quickly.

But in my experience, when turning down an offer of a lift there’s always a bit of a wait until the next offer. It’s how the hitching gods work.

People seemed a bit glum today. Maybe it was the grey or something, or the Tuesday feeling…..but I came out of work today buzzing a bit, and even started hitching with a buzz, but the vibes wasn’t like yesterday when everyone waved and smiled. Today people kept to themselves.,

So the unthinkable happened. The bus passed me, Lucy waving sympathetically. And then, in comical fashion, the very next car pulled up – they’d actually passed me a few minutes before and had turned around to pick me up.

Bob and Janice are lovely. Bob explained he’d seen me before hitching there, a few weeks ago, and Janice this time made him stop for me.

Bob and myself

He’s a car broker who drives a small van – a bit of a cosmic joke of sorts.

They seemed excited to hear about me working at Neutrik, as someone they know is a supervisor there (though not specifically one of my supervisors – he may be working on Lucy’s side, or else in a different part of the factory).

We decided we’d see each other again sometime, when the roads bring us to reconnect again!


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