Monday 3rd April: new month, new world

So today was a glorious mid-spring day. The sun shone high, and emanated it’s warmth onto all around.

People smiled and waved a-plenty.

Lucy invited me to Shanklin for dinner, and we initially discussed drawing up a new sign for Shanklin but decided instead to just stick our thumbs out with trust in the universe. We agreed to take a lift to anywhere. But Lucy specifically wanted a lift to Ventnor.

I didn’t expect to beat the bus. The quickest we’ve had a lift together before has been in about 10 minutes, with our wait going over 20 minutes in one windy occasion. There were a lot of our colleagues at the bus stop today watching us, and I did hope for a little more luck.

And suddenly…….Lauren stopped!!

A lovely youth worker going off to Ventnor! What a lovely coincidence! Lucy and I then had to decide if we really wanted to go to Ventnor, which ended up as a no because we were both pretty knackered..

Lauren, Lucy and I

Lauren used to be an art teacher, and still now pursues this with a passion. She loves doing art and crafty things with the youth groups. And when she dropped us off she gave us her card, linking to her website .

Lucy and Lauren know a lot of the same people, all good people working towards doing good things on the island/in the world.

Yaaaaay for hitchhiking bringing the world together!!!!!


2 thoughts on “Monday 3rd April: new month, new world”

    1. Yaaaaay, yes it works a dream here on the Isle of Wight, a beautiful way to meet new people, make new friends etc. Hitchhiking does bring the world together 🙂

      Great to read that you went for it in Peru! Has it given you confidence to try it in other places since?


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