Thursday 30th March: the sweetest pitbull in the world

I got a lift very quick today. I arrived at the hitch spot late, just as the bus turned up to the bus stop, because I had to pop in to tesco to use the loo (too much water…….). So, just like yesterday, I gave the impression to all my colleagues that their bus ride might actually get them home sooner than my hitching would for me.

But, alas, about five cars down the line was an old Land Rover, with a very very interested doggy inside! I’m useless with dog names (and can’t even remember his name now, as I’m writing this up quite late…), but maybe he was some kind of pitbull?? But he was absolutely adorable. Quite small, and a little fuss-pot.

His dad is a boat builder over on the mainland in Chichester, working there through the week but he comes back to the island twice a week. He’s been on the island most of his life. He said he’d pick me up if he sees me again. And I said farewell, and rejoined the clouds.


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