Wednesday 29th March: lovely doggy!!!

My hitch began today with some very sad news. My friend Bill, who I get on really really well with at work, got fired today, along with another very nice man called Mick who started last week. Both weren’t able to meet the timings πŸ˜” it’s sad, as they’re both very nice, and they were both on jobs that I’d previously been on and knew that the timings were tight.

So I talked with Mick at the bus stop along with the whole Neutrik bus stop crew, giving him recommendations for places that might be hiring. The bus came, and I said I was going to hitch instead, not expecting to beat the bus today.

But I did!!! And with the loveliest dog ever – Wilma 😍

Julie, Wilma’s mum, was very lovely too. I talked a fair bit about hitchhiking – she talked about hairdressing. And it was all very pleasant β˜€β˜€

Julie, Wilma and I

I didn’t hitch home yesterday btw – hence the lack of entry – I’d gone into Ryde with Lucy for helping a friend, but things didn’t manifest so we bussed it home…


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