Thursday 23rd March: a looooooong, cold, but lovely wait

It’s colder, damper, and windier today. It’s been pretty damp and windy all week, actually.

But I could tell Lucy was struggling a bit with our wait in the wind, though our spirits high, despite three buses passing us by..

Many waves, we called for favours, more waves, more waves!!

And plenty of smiles.

The atmosphere was great amongst drivers of today. Lots of funny hand signals, too. And we gave our biggest smiles imaginable.

We had the longest wait for a lift that I’ve ever had on the Isle of Wight. It might’ve even exceeded 20 minutes. But, as I explained to Lucy, it was all worth it really because it was time to be showing ourselves as hitchhiking, giving off that all-inclusive, community-building vibe (though I think Lucy just wanted to get in a nice warm car đŸ˜‚).

Claire!! Our saviour of the hour!!! And what a lovely lady she is!!


She picked us up in her little car, we talked a little about work and why we’re hitching. She told us how she ended up coming back to the island after being in Brighton for some years because she really missed the fields and open countryside. As soon as anything we were in Brading and time to part ways. Claire was going off to Shanklin, so offered Lucy a lift back to homelands, and I embraced the living evening winds.


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