Tuesday 21st March: our Hungarian Champion

Hungarian Champion, Lucy, and I

If you’ve been following this blog, you would remember me having been picked up by a Hungarian guy at the beginning of last week, on the day that two cars stopped at the same time.

Well, today Hungarian Champion picked Lucy and I up, and it was great to see him again. We got to know him a little more – he’s doing painting at the moment at the school building site he’s working at, but is working indoors so doesn’t get to enjoy the awesome weather we’ve had today.

When I hitched the same route over and over in East Anglia from my mum’s to my dad’s house as a teen, I would often get picked up by the same people. I got to know some of them quite well (over there rides would average about 20-30 mins in length, going from town to town, so a good amount of time to get to know people), and exchanged contact details with a few (some I still now keep in contact with over Facebook). It was a true experience of hitchhiking bringing the world together, in a local way.
I’ve been a little gutted at the back of my mind that until yesterday everyone that has picked me up (except when Lucy was in a car a few weeks back) I’ve not met before. It’s really great meeting all these new people, don’t get me wrong, but there’s something very special about meeting the same people again. So today was really an experience for me of hitchhiking bringing the world together!!!

And what I didn’t get to do last week when Hungarian Champion picked me up I did today – give him a card for this blog 😂

We did dramatically lose against the bus though. I had my face in my hands, not wanting to be seen by my colleagues on the winning bus. It was Lucy’s first day at the factory, but she’ll surely be a regular hitch-home-er now.

And, of course, there was a very good reason for our waiting time!


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