Monday 20th March: a local Hindu

I stood for maybe 10 seconds waiting for a lift with my sign, when a familiar face signaled to pull in. He hadn’t given me a lift before, but I knew him.

Cayenne (pronounced Kai-yenne) is one of the Indian shop-keepers of the shop here in Brading. A lovely guy, but we’d never before really stopped to talk much.

I ended up explaining about living in Skanda Vale for over a year building temples, and he was amazed, he said he’s a Hindu and he’s been to Skanda Vale a few times. He goes on pilgrimage ‘up the mountain’ (in Wales) to see the elephant (Valli, who has lived in the ashram for 35 years).

We had a lovely, lovely exchange, and I’m sure we’ll reconnect in depth when we next meet in the shop.

I should write a song about it. ‘Hitching can bring the world together’. 😂


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