Friday 17th March: Harrison, the builder

It’s funny on Fridays – the traffic is a completely different generation. About 75% of people that drove past me in my 1-minute wait today were well retired, compared to my usual very few. It gives a different feeling to hitchhiking. They drive slowly past, some giving a slight nod or index finger.

And then came Harrison.

Happy lift!

“Get in quick, we’re on a roundabout!!”, and I’m in quick and he’s driving with my door open (which I get shut a moment later), keen not to hold up any traffic.

He’s a builder, having just started again after some time out with a foot injury. We talk a little about Switzerland, and soon enough we’re in Brading.

I give him myhitchhome business card, and ask for a selfy (I think I’m slowly getting more confident with asking – but it really does do a lot for the blog, bringing it to life). He’s happy with it, and we part ways, him saying that he’ll probably see me again sometime.

And…… It’s so early and I’m home already. I have an opticians appointment this afternoon, hence thus.


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