Thursday 16th March: the posh convertible

Two stories today: firstly, I get picked up very very quickly (4th car I think) by a posh convertible. I didn’t find out what brand it was, but it was red and the seatbelt electronically came down towards me when I sat down, which was uber cool. The technology they’re putting in cars nowadays is fantastic. I’m all for them putting creative gadgets in – it makes it more interesting to be picked up by a car with lots of gadgets!

The guy stopped about 30 metres down the road, after having pointed straight forwards signaling that he was stopping for me (I thought he’d never stop, he just kept going and going!). Nice guy though.

He works at the job centre, and seemed quite okay with his job there. I told him a little about my job at Neutrik, and I said about how I’ve hitched almost every work day from the same spot and at the same time but have never met the same person twice. He said he’ll pick me up when he sees me again, and I said ‘that’s what they all say!!’.

One thing I noticed when I got out of the car was that the seatbelt didn’t retract back in properly, which felt like quite the cosmic joke!

I got home, and story #2: the cards arrived!!!

The cards arrived!!!

All 100 of them! That’s more than enough to get the word out. The print is actually a bit smaller than I thought it’d be, so for hard-of-sight it might be fairly challenging to read, but the blog URL is quite easily read which is the main thing, as well as ‘thanks for the lift!’. I’m excited to start giving them out to all my drivers 😂

Yesterday’s post is missing because I did not hitch home yesterday. I had an acupuncture appointment at the Ryde Chiropractic Clinic with a lady called Christine, who did a very clinical but good job. She gave me a few recommended exercises/techniques, and even let me borrow a moxa bag until my next session in a fortnight. I had acupuncture a few years ago on my arthritic hips with great results, which is why I wanted to have it this time, on my injured and arthritic middle back. The session totally knocked me for six – I got home and had dinner, then crashed out on my bed fully clothed and with the light on for almost 4 hours, waking at 1. Just what I needed actually 😂


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