Tuesday 14th March: quick lift with a local

I went in tescos today after work to get some supplies for making super awesome Swiss style mushroom risotto, and forgot some ingredients (notably the mushrooms) just as I arrived at the hitch spot so went back again to get them… So I ended up starting hitching with the sun barely in the sky anymore, and just a trickle of traffic.

But everyone that went past responded to me in such beautifully warm ways. Today was a brilliant day for people’s positivity.


Within a minute an old guy stops for me, telling me it’s not a good place to stop. When I get in I explain that it’s actually a really good place to stop because traffic is going slow here, and there’s enough room for cars to overtake on the road coming off the roundabout, and he agrees.

We share a lovely conversation. He’s got nice kind of humble energy. He’s lived in Brading since the early ’80s!

He asks me what I studied, I share, and tell him what I’m doing on the island and why I’m here. He tells me a friend of his thinks History is pointless (I studied History). I say it’s such a shame that we’re now living in a time of the government, and thus everyone, centralising their focus on engineering and science rather than exploring how and why we got here. He agrees…..

We farewell once we get to his nice little cottage on the high street.


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