Monday 13th March: Double

Today the weather was glorious. Sorry for lack of photographic depiction, but beautiful, yes, beautiful.

People were accordingly in a pretty happy mood. Lots of thumbs up and smiles.

Within a couple of minutes, a guy pulls over just behind me, and I turn around to see that the car before him had also pulled over! I wave apologetically at the other car, and get in with this guy.

He’s Hungarian, and works as a labourer on a building site. He’s been living on the Isle of Wight ever since he left Hungary in 2008, and likes it a lot but doesn’t like the cost of the ferry. But, he said, when carpooling to Hungary it’s about £500 return, which works out at £125 each with three others in the car.

I tell him I’ve been invited to a festival in Hungary, but it’s not the main big one in the capital, it’s another one. He tells me where he’s from, about 60 miles out of Budapest.

I didn’t feel the vibe of asking for a photo today – I need to get my business cards sorted, and then I’m sure it’ll be easier.


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