Wednesday 8th March: The movement is growing

Harry, Connor, and myself, arrival in Brading

These guys picked me up after my waiting for about 3 minutes. But I was feeling in really good spirits, and people seemed to be smiling quite a lot today.

They were just going for a drive because they had time to kill. Sound guys, laughing at everything, enjoying life.

I got talking about hitching home everyday, this blog, and my plan to get business cards to give to every driver. They loved it. I told them that hitchhiking is going to really take off this summer on the island, that it’s pretty much the perfect place for hitchhiking. I was asked if I’m going to make it happen, and I said yeah, no doubt about it, people will be out hitching around the Isle of Wight this summer en masse. Because it’s so safe here, the roads are decent, and it’s really really easy to get lifts (and everyone’s very nice).

Great guys – they really gave me a buzz about this whole hitchhiking thing.


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