Tuesday 7th March: special ride

So I wait what seems like an eternity, definitely well over the usual under a minute. Eventually a car pulls up some way down the road, and I run slowly over to it.

I open the back door, and I first see a nice fluffy little doggy. And then LUCY greets me. I was due to be seeing her at my house this afternoon when I get home, so this is really quite a surprise.

She introduces me to Charlene, and to Charlene’s mum whose name I can’t recall.

It’s great fun when something completely synchronised like this unfolds. I tell them about my hitch home blog when they’re dropping Lucy and I off, and ask for a selfy with them, which they’re more than happy to agree to.

Me, dog 1, Charlene, dog 2, Charlene's mum, Lucy

When I was stood there waiting, I did think that the universe was deliberately delaying things today for me, so that I got the ride I needed to get. Hitchhiking, for me, has always worked very much along the principles of fate. Whoever you meet are the right people to meet there and then.

This afternoon I got talking to this young guy at work, who I always say hello to but never before have really spoken to. He asked me if I was protesting something the other day – he saw me with a sign. I explained about hitchhiking. He was very interested, and amazed I get picked up so very very quickly. I told him to do it, and he said that he will do.


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