Wednesday 1st March: knackered, rain, awesome people

So I saw my colleague at the bus stop and said I was knackered but was going to hitch anyway, and she suggested it sounded like more of a challenge that way. I agreed. It’s been too easy to get lifts recently.

It was spitting rain, and pretty grey. Feeling knackered, I think I’ve eaten too much pancake recently. The pancake cake I made last night is awesome, but heavy and tiring.

Pancake cake

After a couple of minutes (!!!! – longest time waiting in ages!!) I received a really happy and enthusiastic wave from a girl in a car. This enthused me a little more, and a couple of minutes later a car stopped.

A lovely couple, who’d both hitched a few times before so were happy to pick me up. The guy actually told me he’d hitched three times and each time got picked up by the first car. He said the first time it was from Cowes to Shanklin at 4am. Second time from Newport at 2am, and topless. Third time was with a girl on the downs and was for a bet that he could get a lift straight away, and he said an artic lorry stopped. So, hitchhiking does work on the island apparently (if my example isn’t one to go by!).

I told them about My Hitch Home blog, and they said they’d look it up. Then I said that, actually, I wanted to start taking photos of me with drivers to put on the blog, but hadn’t done so yet.

My Hitch Home hosts, Sophie and Jake!

Lovely lift. I think I remember their names right – I’m very very tired today, but am usually useless with names anyway…!


1 thought on “Wednesday 1st March: knackered, rain, awesome people”

  1. YEeeeeyyyyyy go SI!! Might start hitching with my SHOULDER FINGER!!!! HAPPY LEFT OVER PANCAKE CAKE DAY AFTER SHROVE TUESDAY DAY!!!!


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