Monday 27th February: Solidarity!

Today was a little wet and wild. Out was only spitting, but felt like heavier rain would soon come.

Skies ready to open

Nikki offered me a lift home, which I turned down because she’d be going the wrong way. My colleague seemed keen for me to get the bus today because of the weather, but I insisted I’d be picked up faster than she would.

And I was. I was picked up very fast, and by someone who knew me. A young guy, going to Chale. But it wasn’t the same young guy as the other week.

I just went along with the conversation, giving my best vague questions and answers to not let on that I wasn’t quite sure who he was.

And it turned out that he works at my factory – he’s been there for two years, and likes it, keeps his head down and just carries on with things. He’s not sure if he wants to keep living on the island, but definitely won’t move back to where he grew up on the mainland. He was driving this way because of a car crash blocking his normal route home.

He told me that the first month is hardest, then before I know it I’m there for 6 months, I just have to keep my head down. I nodded.

He dropped me at the usual spot.


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