Friday 24th February: midday hitching in the sun

Hitching to Brading in the end-of-winter sunshine

Work finishes early on a Friday, as we start early every day. So I came joyfully out of work to glorious sunshine, rang Lucy to discuss a project, paid a quick trip to the potential project site, then went to the hitch spot.

It was lovely being in the sun, though a bit cool with the breeze. People seemed happy. Lots of surprised faces – these people probably hadn’t ever seen me before, because I don’t normally hitch at this time. They’ll come to know me, I’m sure.

Anyway, with less than a minute on the clock, again, a car pulls over. It’s a BMW – but not a super posh one, despite being new. The guy is pleasant, he’s enjoying retired life though isn’t really retired as he’s looking after two autistic grandchildren, and told me a sad story of abuse from their younger years. He seems really happy bringing them up though, and said they even now call him Dad despite being their grandfather.

He asks where I’m from, and I quickly tell my story of getting to the island from the Alps, and we share in how great the island is for living on.

And he drops me at the usual spot, I’m happy to have met yet another friendly face, and to have come to an end of quite a tiring but brilliant week!


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