Thursday 23rd February: Wind, sun, and the Philippines

Sun sun sun sun sun!!!

My colleague announced publicly in our afternoon tea break about her losing to me every day, today. This prompted another lady to become enthused about it too – but I declared that I actually did technically lose yesterday, but got a ride in a very posh Mercedes so it didn’t matter too much.

Anyway, today I was afraid I was going to go above the 1 minute bar – it got quite close, I’m sure. Fortunately a couple of very lovely Filipinos picked me up, on the way to an afternoon out walking at Bembridge. They were both very intrigued in my hitching, and we got on really well. The guy lives in Ryde, having moved from London a few years ago, and the lady lives in Portsmouth, on holiday on the island for the day.

I told them about having been to Indonesia a few years back, which they were both very excited by. They asked me if I have a girlfriend, and I confessed to having a complicated situation based on Switzerland, with no resolve as yet.

They dropped me at my normal dropping off spot, we all happy to have met!


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