Wednesday 22nd February: Beaten, at last…

What miserable weather for hitching today! Nothing but grey, wind, and spitting rain!

Grey grey grey grey grey

Hitchhiking isn’t always easy. I’ve had countless experiences before of being stuck for LONG periods, hours, exposed to all elements. I’ve had a whole year’s weather in one wait – beautiful sunshine, rain, snow and hail, rainbows, and sunshine again.

Today was just grey though.

It didn’t help that the earlier bus was late today, so my colleague managed to catch it and was quite proud to beat me today. There was a funny moment when I saw it waiting to turn at the roundabout, me desperate for the last laugh, but I just didn’t quite have the luck today. I blame the weather.

Anyway, bus passes me and a few cars down is a brand new Mercedes that stops. It’s proper posh inside – definitely an upgrade on yesterday’s Range Rover.

The guy lived in Spain for some years, building swimming pools. He’d come back just because work dried up – but he seems pretty happy back on the island, working with renewables. I told him about working at Neutrik, and he gave me a list of other ‘good employers’ on the island, all of which I’ve already forgotten. A friendly chap, good to meet.

He drops me in my drop-off bus stop, behind the bus also stopping to drop off. It was a very close contest, I thought we might get to overtake en-route, but I think this does indeed count as a close but definite victory for my colleague.


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