Tuesday 21st February – a Range Rover and cloudy skies

Grey skies ahead

My colleague was sure she’d beat me today. I wasn’t so sure, hitching has been getting faster and faster, especially since I’ve had my sign.

I was feeling jolly, and smiling lots, and got a few smiles back.

A dark Range Rover made out that he was stopping, but didn’t, but another car was pulled over. I went over to the other car, but noticed there was noone in it despite its hazards being on. So I was walking back to my roundabout, and saw the Range Rover coming back, the guy asked to confirm I was going to Brading, and he swung round and picked me up. Time on the clock: I’d say less than a minute today.

The guy is a trade plate driver – delivers cars etc, and said that he knows what it’s like waiting for ages for a lift. I confessed to him that I haven’t had to wait any more than 10 minutes so far at that roundabout, and that hitchhiking seems to work really, really well here.

He was surprised, then shared a story of meeting a friend on a flight once who ended up giving him a lift all the way home from the airport. I shared my story of hitchhiking back to Bath from north Devon with Judi, when we found ourselves stuck outside Shepton Mallet at gone 11pm with no traffic anymore. We were literally waving two-handedly any car down, and there were two possible roads going to Bath from there so we had one road each. Eventually Judi called me over excitedly, a guy had stopped, he was going to Bath, and it turned out he lived on my little road…!

The seat heating in the Range Rover is just starting to get uncomfortably hot when we arrive at the dropping off place. I thank him sincerely, and we bid farewells.


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