Monday 20th February – quick ride at sunset

The sign, hitch spot, and sunset

Today was one of those countless glorious days on the Island of having beautiful weather, people responding brilliantly to my sign and thumb, and getting a lift very easily.

I’d talked with my colleague at the bus stop before I came to the hitch spot, and she told me that I got a lift so quickly on Thursday, she’d had her back turned briefly and then I was gone. She’s still saying she’d like to try it sometime too!

Anyway, today was no different. I got a lift really quickly. Before I got the a lift, there were a lot of smiles and a few waves, good vibes all around.

My lift was a fairly young – I’d say late 20s, female who’d been living in Australia for some years and had backpacked there, with hitchhiking, quite a lot. Now back on the island, she said she’s happy to pick up hitchhikers if it’s daytime and they look friendly. She said she’s picked up two other hitchhikers on the island in the last year (I feel quite privileged then being the third!).

I told her how easy it seems to be to hitch here – I’ve never waited more than 10 minutes at the tescos roundabout, and I told her my hitching experience yesterday with getting a lift literally within seconds.

And we shared names and bid adieu! A lovely hitch home, once again.


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