Robin Hill to Brading in 10 seconds!

The sign!

I had to get home today after the Quaker meeting this morning in Newport to do the self-employed online marketing work that I do for a friend’s business, which I can’t really do after work in the week. Mum wanted to go to West Wight for a walk, but I managed to encourage her to drop me at Robin Hill for me to hitch home with my Brading sign.

I stood just past the traffic lights, where there’s an easy place to pull in by the pub.

There seemed to be little traffic coming on my road, the first car the guy put his arm in the air to say something, and then there wasn’t another car for a good few seconds. Then this people carrier came from the Sandown direction, and pulled in. I was so surprised that someone stopped so soon, but I went over, a family with two lovely kids, and they offered to take me to Brading.

I told them about my work at Neutrik, and they about their work, as a landscape gardener and a teacher, they’d lived on the Isle of Wight for 10 years and enjoying island life. I said that I’m really enjoying island life, too.

They drop me happily at the Bullring, and the guy says maybe he’ll see me by work sometime, as his office is nearby. Another new acquaintance made!


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