Wednesday 15th February

First story of the day was a’lady at work coming up to me this morning and asking me if it was me hitching yesterday after work. I validated her suggestion, then she offered to take me home instead. I told her that I’ve got a bus pass, but prefer hitching for many reasons, like the opportunity to meet people, people waving and the like, but she was concerned and warned that I needed to be careful. I acknowledged, and shared that I’d hitched thousands of miles before, for years now (it’s been almost 10 years since my first time), and she kind of anxiously smiled, and we parted ways.
She seemed keen to stop me going into any danger, but this is the most common misunderstanding about hitchhiking. It comes from the isolationist culture that we live our lives in, and that we base our lives around. We are subconsciously competing with one another, and so deem everyone but ourselves to be potentially dangerous. But this is the most dangerous thing, for me – the fear itself.

I managed to leave work slightly earlier than normal today, and rushed off to my roundabout to try get another new ride, someone who hadn’t picked me up before.

I got a few thumbs up and the odd wave, but my energy was plummeting quite quickly, and I suspect the energy was showing itself because people looked slightly on the grumpy side.

The bus was soon going to be passing me, which has only happened on one occasion so far. It had already done it’s pickup at the bus stop, and was just passing by tescos, and would be less than a minute. And, of course, a car pulls in šŸ˜‚

A young couple!! It’s great to get rides off young people. They’ve mostly never hitched before themselves, and do their reasons for pulling in are much more profound generally. These guys said their friends had seen me hitching a week ago but didn’t stop because the lady was worried about picking up a hitchhiker, whilst the guy would’ve been cool about it. I don’t know if this couple (that picked me up) had picked up hitchhikers before, but they seemed happy enough with it, they were of quite common demeanour, and I tried to tell them of urban exploring but they didn’t really seem to get it.

They drop me in Brading, and I’m really happy to have met more new people.


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